Which of These Surging Influencer Marketing Industries Look Promising?

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Influencer marketing is a hot and growing way for brands to reach their constituents. Are you thinking of becoming an influencer?

Here are the Top 8 industries that are leading the charge…


Nearly a quarter of all Instagram posts deal with fashion. 

The top 10 fashion influencers have a reach of over 50m followers. Fashion, projected to grow to $700 billion by 2022, plays a large part in the influencer economy, giving all kinds of brands and influencers a role in every fashionable niche, which includes accessories, jewelry, and watches.

Fashion brands want to start new trends with their influencer campaigns. Meaning, over 60% of all fashion brands partake in the influencer economy with the bulk of the budget going to Instagram.

Brands love influencers here because they are able to focus and target the exact demographic they need instead of going wide with a celebrity endorsement. For example, Suede Brooks is a teenage fashion influencer, while Amber Fillerup Clark focuses on the “mom” segment. As long as they are not competitive, some influencers are able to combine different products together in one “look.”

Due to the high demand and high dollars in the fashion space, many influencers ask for cash payment and product.


Nearly 12% of all sponsored posts come from food and restaurants.

Food’s immediateness makes it perfect for social media and influencers who are posting at all hours without a long editing or approval process.

Openings, pop-ups, test dishes, night markets, food trucks, and other timely events keep food influencers busy. With a finite appetite, audiences want food influencers to help weed out things that you might want or not want to try out. 

The real-life crossover of cooking channel stars, superstar chefs, or famous restaurateurs leads to a healthy supply of options for a burgeoning food influencer.

To get started in the space, pick something that YOU know…

You might not start out like People Magazine’s Traveling Food Editor, Shay Spence, but you could find your niches like burger guru Dave Rev Ciacio or even something as off the wall as Cooking with Dog a Japanese YouTube cooking channel. 

Keep in mind that the thin margins on restaurants lead to most influencers being compensated with food and beverages in exchange for promotion instead of cash payments.

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Entertainment & Media

About a tenth (11%) of all sponsored posts deal with entertainment, which includes everything from actors to comedians to movies to music.

Songs that need promotion, films to be talked about, and TV shows that need to be binged all fall into this.

For this category, the most popular format is the vlog, which garners traffic not just from Instagram but also YouTube and Facebook.

You can check out The Voice’s Tamar Davis who gives not only tips on singing but also a sneak peek into her new found fame.


With 300 million posts on Instagram with #beauty, and making up 7% of all sponsored posts, beauty’s visual nature makes it perfect for platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

The $860 billion industry expects influencer tutorials, experiences, product reviews and more for makeup, nails, skincare, hair makeup to continue to grow the industry to its primarily female audience.

For inspiration check out one of the few males in the space, Mario Dedivanovic, who’s chief inspiration is Ms Influencer herself, Kim Kardashian.

Travel & Lifestyle 

Influencers are changing the travel industry by posting their experiences to social media and 5% of all sponsored posts.

Living vicariously through their influencers, audiences are inspired to think about travel more often, opting for unique and original experiences created by their favorite influencer.

Finding a niche is the KEY to success as a travel blogger.

Given the heavy amount of #travel on Instagram (400M posts), it is easy to get lost in the din.

Backpackers, thrill-seekers, art lovers, foodies, and luxury are a few niches that have been successful.

For example, low budget voyager Steph from Big World Small Pockets or cost-cutting travel expert Dave of Go Backpacking target those on a budget while someone looking for a more high-end experience might want to follow travel journalist Kim-Marie Evans, the Luxury Travel Mom to someone looking for an unforgettable experience might want to check out outdoor adventurer, Chris Burkhard.

Even though the industry is worth over $50 billion, most travel brands are local in nature and usually offer barter for the influencer if they have a large enough audience.

It is definitely working as 40% of millennials say that ‘Instagram ability’ is a priority when choosing their next travel destination.

Health and Wellness

The wellness space, which includes, health, sports, and fitness, makes up 4% of all sponsored posts.

People enjoy seeing how hard work leads to regular people undergoing drastic transformations, tips on how to work out (especially in these COVID times), and other health tips to lead a better healthier life.

Weightlifting, yoga, CrossFit, running are a few sports that take up much mindshare in this category as more and more people are focusing more on their well being.

With a double-digit growth rate (12.8% between 2015-2017) the wellness space is worth $4.2 trillion and the fitness space is worth $100 billion.

Check out fitness influencer Luke Worthington who trains celebrities and other actors or Tally Rye who stresses happiness in all of her workouts.


The growing market for YouTubers reviewing toys or opening new toys continues to grow and with millions of kids out there ready to get in front of the camera for the latest and greatest releases marketers have no shortage of choices.

The most popular toy influencer, an 8-year-old named Ryan who does Ryan’s Toys Review earned $11 million in 2016 with many of his videos garnering over a billion views.

Other toy influencers include adults like Janessa’s Thrifty Nifty Mommy, whose channel not only features toys but also deals, recipes, and pregnancy tips, and Tiana who has a channel called Toys AndMe.

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The tech world owns 1% of all the sponsored posts out there. 

With all of the gadgets, software, hardware, and options out there, consumers are turning toward users like them to figure out exactly what they need. 

Popular influencers in this arena include Marques Brownlee who reviews many of the cool new gadgets and gives his followers a sneak peek into what’s next, iJustine, one of the first influencers in the space, and Kevin Nether, whose YouTube channel offers product reviews and software tutorials for the up and coming crowd.

There is no doubt that the influencer marketing world is expanding quickly. Things can get overwhelming and you may have too much on your hands before you know it. Head onto FameCast.net where they can amplify your fame and passion.

Which of These Surging Influencer Marketing Industries Look Promising? via @famecastmedia

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