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LinkedIn, the social network for business, is now entering the influencer game. With nearly 750 million users, it is one of the largest social networks being used daily. However, there’s also an opportunity to help B2B influencers thrive. With the rapid growth and buzz of Clubhouse where influencers are mainly organizing professional virtual events, LinkedIn sees the ability to capitalize on these same thought leaders. It’s surprising that the platform has launched their creator platform this late. With so many influencers on the platform, it’s a good time to reclaim your expertise on this “new” platform. Furthermore, as Francesca Vuillemin, the Executive Director of The Manalé Foundation notes, “With so much misinformation, LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for organizations and businesses focused on building an authentic network in a trustworthy environment.”

What’s the new LinkedIn do?

The new platform will let you build a following now as opposed to symmetric relationships. Thought leaders or creators can promote their stories, posts, or resumes. They will also be able to add hashtags that they believe they are thought leaders in. This will give CEOs, authors, and journalists a larger megaphone and ability to distribute their influence. 

Little Overlap with other social media platforms

While many people have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and profiles on other platforms, LinkedIn is typically tied to a professional network. People on LinkedIn might not be on the other platforms and so advertisers are excited about reaching this busy, more affluent audience. Additionally, many professional social graphs do not overlap social “social” graphs thus there’s an ability to reach different audiences that you can’t reach on the other networks.

Not as much content as other platforms

LinkedIn is still known as a platform of resumes and one’s professional rolodex. There’s only a handful of content being shared and most of it is related to one’s business. There are no (or close to none) baby, wedding, or party photos on the platform. The lack of content could work to your advantage as your content will be found by your followers or your followers’ followers. With less content to go around, hitting a viral event might be easier.

Open Network

Not many people complain about the relatively lax privacy settings on LinkedIn. Most likely you want to be touting your business acumen, your professional degrees, and your work experience and would prefer that everyone, even, maybe those pesky hackers, know about it. On average, LinkedIn users have more connections than those on the other closed social networks. This lets your content spread faster, wider, and deeper. smiling businessman showing colleagues linkedin pa 48M8EEN 1

Text to your Advantage

The business world still operates in the written word and the open nature of your content and LinkedIn’s “link” juice gives your posts faster and more powerful SEO. LinkedIn also started prior to the app revolution and is mostly used from a desktop. This favors text based content.  Further the LinkedIn email of what’s happening in your network gets higher open rates than most other emails from the other networks.

Straightforward approach to monetization

Because it’s a business to business network, the monetization opportunities on LinkedIn are much more straightforward.  Users are more willing to pay (professional fees are business expenses) as opposed to other casual platforms like Facebook, where “friends” are doing “favors.” Further, any type of prospecting, content creation, or networking would similarly fall under business expenses.

But why?

LinkedIn gives you a chance to reinvent yourself in more intellectual ways than viral Tik Tok videos or pretty filtered pictures. If you missed the chance to be a Clubhouse organizer, here’s your chance to be a “thought leader” leader part two. Vuillemin concludes, “As we move towards building our businesses and relationships in the virtual world, the most valuable social networks will be those that create the most engagement while boosting one’s personal brand and accomplishments.”

Anyone out there exclusively a LinkedIn influencer? Drop us a line … we’d be interested in hearing what you’ve been up to!

LinkedInFluencing: Building a Following on LinkedIn  via @famecastmedia

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