4 Tips to Avoid Burnout


Influencer burnout is here.

Cycles are getting faster, fans have seen everything, and trolls are getting meaner. You can’t create content fast enough to keep up, you can’t come up with ideas that are timely enough or interesting enough, and the mean and nasty comments, emails, and direct messages make you want to quit. Do you ever feel this way? If so, you might be suffering from influencer burnout. 

Influencer burnout is real.

Vox mentions 16 year old Sam who created a few crazy and kooky videos quickly earning him nearly 200,000 followers. Then the view counts started falling and he left the platform to seek therapy from the rejection and anxiety he developed. Many influencers fall into the same boat as they typically come out of nowhere to amass huge followings in a short amount of time. Yet, with no guidance as to what got them there and little career counseling, many feel creatively stagnant by committing to the somewhat random methodology that initially brought them fame. 


On top of that, many mid level influencers make enough to have a full time job with it, but not enough to have a staff to insulate them from the trolls, bullying, and negativity that inevitably comes with the territory. Even the super successful stars, celebrities, and athletes that appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment feel the pain of the hate, but luckily for them, managers, agents, and verified status keeps them from dealing with this personally on a daily basis. Regardless, many influencers quit from burnout, feeling like they have reached the pinnacle of their lives and seek therapy. Not unlike many child actors that we hear about, who upon having reached a level of almost overnight success as a kid, struggle as adults.

Perhaps you are able to escape bullying and “mean tweets,” but the cycle of content is getting faster and faster. Influencers need to continue to “one up” their previous content to continue to engage audiences. After all, audiences have nearly seen everything.  Some like Logan Paul are able to keep his audiences engaged by doing escalating crazier stunts. First, Paul headed to Japan’s suicide forest and then more recently fought boxing great, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. What’s next? Paul for President?

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What are the solutions? 

1 – Take time off. Your followers will understand that you need to take time off from posting. Or if you are really feeling FOMO, schedule some posts (or have an intern do it) while you actually take some time away from the screen. You’ll get better clarity, and even possibly come up with some new ideas (hopefully better than some of Logan Paul’s!) Get the screen time app once you are back to make sure that you clearly delineate and measure how long you are on your screen. 

2 – Seek a therapist. It is hard to put yourself out there day in and day out. It might make sense to seek some therapy to keep your mental health in top condition. Talk to someone in person or via video conference. Being able to stay sane and in focus is important for your mental health. In addition, some report meditation apps like Headspace help them maintain their clarity. 

3 – Lose some followers. That sounds counterintuitive, but it goes to show you that losing some followers is not the end of the world. You most likely lose some daily but aren’t aware of it and more likely your gained followers outnumber your lost followers. Go ahead and lose some followers, it will be OK!

4 – The middle and lower level tiers of influencers have a hard time with reading “mean tweets.” Influencers that have more followers, and therefore make more money are able to hire assistants and screeners that insulate them from this bullying. However, it most likely is, for your own sanity, a good idea to hire a virtual assistant from sites like Upwork for a few dollars to screen out nasty comments. Or perhaps, Twitter Blue’s expedited customer service might actually prove useful. 

Got other tips to save your mental health? Let us know via email!


4 Tips to Avoid Burnout via @famecastmedia

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