Soaring to the Moon and back


Going to the Moon

When we talk about going to the moon this time, we aren’t talking about Gamestop or any of the “meme stocks” or dogecoin. We’re talking about the actual moon. Yup, that thing up in the sky. Previously we mentioned space influencers and how the future of interstellar marketing lies with them. With the latest NASA mission, Artemis I, NASA is upping the ante. 

With their new Artemis I mission, NASA is hoping to reach and garner support from the “everyday somebody.” The Artemis I mission’s goal is to see how humans will be able to explore the moon, Mars, and beyond. The Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) are the main components of Artemis, which will be the furthest mission aboard a spacecraft built for humans. The Orion will be carrying valuable cargo similar to Voyager 1’s Golden Record, which includes images, sounds, music (famously Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode) and other types of greetings in various languages. 

space satellite monitoring from earth orbit weathe 2021 09 01 22 37 05 utc

What is this valuable cargo, you might ask? The valuable cargo is you. The collective you. The uncrewed Orion will give the “everyday somebody” a part to play by flying a flash drive with their name on it from the moon into the cosmos. While free for participants, it’s a great way for NASA to drive buzz, awareness, and support for their latest mission. 

What we can learn

As an influencer, how does this affect you? At this point you may have worked with some very deep pocketed brands as well as some deep pocketed individuals. Perhaps you’ve even dipped your toe in the movie making game. Something you might have seen is that there are some things that money cannot buy at a certain level.

One of these is recognition. Hollywood, for example, does a great job of recognition with things like Executive Producer credits, numerous awards (and the corresponding shows), and film festivals with plush red carpet photo opportunities. NASA is following suit by offering this recognition to those that have loyally followed its journey through providing the flash drive perk. The beauty of recognition is that it costs you nothing, except the desire to give it. (That’s what creates its value!)

Ideas to put in practice

Some use Kickstarter or other platforms to sell naming rights on films, buildings, placards, and more. If you are looking for another way to monetize, perhaps it wouldn’t be difficult to offer your patrons a spot at stardom on your back. Exclusive content, name plates, and more could change the way that your audience interacts with you. Executive Producer credit on your latest web series or even giving the highest bidder a small walk on (or Zoom) exposure? Or as NASA has done, put your name on a space bound flash drive? (Do they still even have flash drives? I guess there are no clouds in space! Doh!) 

As social media becomes more about digital flexes, originality, and uniqueness, more people will want to have unique one of a kind experiences to brag about. How can you provide this for them? Perhaps your biggest fan can tag along with you for an hour, or have lunch (Warren Buffet famously raises close to $5m for this), or be featured in your social media for a post. All of this costs you nothing, yet there is intangible value for the purchaser. In other words, you’ve created something from nothing, value where there was once none!

international space station and astronaut 2021 08 26 22 59 35 utc

Are you exploring the named sponsorship route? What are you thinking of doing? Naming rights, credits, bragging rights? What have your biggest fans asked for? Is there anything that you would not do? As the late Meatloaf (RIP) once said, he would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. What’s your limit? Let us know! (Keep it clean!)

Going back to the stars, can you (or at least your name) beat some space influencers beyond the boundaries of our beloved Earth? Sign up at NASA’s site and maybe some space aliens will come knocking on your door in the near future!

Soaring to the Moon and back via @famecastmedia

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