Beast, Buffet, and Baratheon’s Beach Head: Beautiful or Bloodbath



We just talked about how Kanye had a very nice valuation from starting a business. But now we see another influencer doing it. Mr Beast who has zero crossover into mainstream media is now raising $150 million in equity capital giving him an applied valuation of 1.5 billion (take that Kanye! Who was ONCE a billionaire). 

Mr. Beast is a beast! Here are all of his accomplishments including a bricks and mortar play Mr Beast burger which brought out thousands of adoring fans in the American Dream Mall near the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

In addition to burgers, he has a snack service, gaming stream, short form content stream, and his original bread and butter, his YouTube revenue stream. This is all great news, but how can we use this if we aren’t a beast like Mr. Beast (also known as Jimmy Donaldson).



If you’re from an older generation, you might remember a small time investor named Warren Buffet. He grew textile company Berkshire Hathaway into a conglomerate with a majority of its cash flow coming from a small insurance company represented by a wise-ass little gecko, Geico. Buffet took the Geico cash flow and reinvested it into a variety of “blue-chip” companies like Coca-Cola, American Express, Apple, Wells Fargo, IBM, and more. As they say, the rest is history, Buffet has become one of the most successful investors in history.


Let’s take another example, perhaps a bit more abstract this time, from everyone’s favorite TV Show, Game of Thrones. It’s okay if you haven’t seen the series, and I won’t give too much away (but some, so warning, spoilers!), but to give a quick lay of the land, there are a number of families in this fantasy land each with a castle that they call home.

For example, the Starks are the wards of Winterfell, the Lannisters have a house called Casterly Rock, but also have a claim to King’s Landing where the King of the Seven Kingdoms sits via marriage to the Baratheon clan, Robert Baratheon is the King.

As chaos ensues, one thing is certain, the one that tries to claim the throne without an adjacent castle to retreat to is sure to die. Stannis Baratheon, while he is the Lord of Dragonstone, does not have sufficient manpower. Eventually Stannis dies while trying to take the Iron Throne. 

got stannis death pic

Manpower in Game of Thrones comes from proximity to your castle. Manpower in building a business comes from cash flow. Both Mr. Beast and Warren Buffet built up their castles. They built up their bread and butter so that they could take on new challenges. Stannis Baratheon did not. We can see this in other well known tech companies as well. Facebook did not try to boil the ocean. They started with Harvard, the Ivies, colleges, high schools, work places, and so on. Amazon started with books, then DVDs, until they went to AtoZ. Yelp started in San Francisco and worked its way slowly around the country until it became the goto destination. 


The lesson here is that we must all have a beach head of cash flow to resort to before we can conquer other lands. For many influencers that is their revenue coming from social media sites (for example Mr Beast makes $54 million a year from YouTube). Instead of buying fancy cars, and expensive vacations, reinvest that money into your business. You might lose some of it, but at least you always have your castle to retreat to.

What’s your beach head? And if you have one, what is the next area you are trying to conquer? If you don’t have one, what should it be?

Beast, Buffet, and Baratheon’s Beach Head: Beautiful or Bloodbath via @famecastmedia

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