Getting Started

Thank you for signing up for the Famecast Creator Beta Program. You have been selected as one of the first Creators to be able to test and use Famecast’s FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Engagement) Platform and we are excited to give you exclusive first look access. Follow the instructions below to get started on your journey to building your Creator brand and media empire with Famecast.

NOTE: A few notes before you get started. This is an early Private Beta and as such, it is still a work in progress. Please test with the understanding that some features might not work perfectly and features may change as we continually update and improve the platform. We would also appreciate your input as well as reporting bugs and issues. You can submit your bugs and issues to the following link:

So let’s get started:


To start, go to your favorite web browser and visit the following website:

You should see the landing page below:

Famecast Platform Signup



Famecast is currently for invited-only beta users. If you signed up to the Famecast Creator Beta Program and was accepted, you should have gotten an email with your exclusive Beta Invite Access Code. It should be 16 digits:


Use this Access Code below to get access to the Famecast Creator Platform Beta. Make sure to type in the code properly. The code can only be used once.

Famecast Platform Beta Code

Enter the Beta Invite Code in the text box and click the blue Submit button.

If you don’t have an access code, click on the beta sign up form link above the Access Code input field and request one.

If you are having problems with your beta invite code, please email



Click the blue Sign Up button. You will be taken to the following screen with the following input fields:

Famecast Platform Email Phone Sign Up


Enter your Email Address

Use the email you want to be contacted on. This email will be used to get paid so put in your real email address here.

Enter your Mobile Number

Use a mobile number where you can receive SMS messages. A SMS text message will be sent to that mobile next so ensure that your mobile is accessible. Make sure to also select the proper country code for your mobile.

Enter your Password

Enter the password you would like to use for your account. To make sure that it’s secure, use a password that includes at least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 special character (i.e. #, $, %, etc.).

Click I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Make sure to click on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links and read them in full before clicking.

Click blue Sign Up button once you have entered the correct information in each field. If everything is correct, you will go to the next screen. If something is incorrect, an error message will come up letting you know what you need to correct.



Type in the four digit SMS text code that was sent to the mobile you entered in the previous step. If the mobile you entered is not accessible, hit Back on your web browser and repeat the previous step entering the correct mobile number.



Congratulations! You have finished the Sign Up process. You should now be at the Famecast Creator Dashboard. You are now at the launch pad for launching your Famecast-powered Creator Brand and Media empire. This is your central dashboard to control your Famecast Portal and tools as you now have access to the most comprehensive and powerful tools for creators. You can create your Fan Club, sell Memberships, create Events with Tickets, and sell your own Merchandise in your E-Commerce Shop.


Famecast Creator Dashboard

As a brief overview, here are the features available to you on the Famecast Creator Dashboard:


Revenue displays your earnings that you’ve made on your Famecast-powered Creator Portal in the last 30 days. This will update in near real-time as your fans buy your events/tickets, fan club memberships/subscriptions and/or merchandise on your e-commerce store from your Famecast-powered Portal.


Portal Visits

Portal Visits displays the number of page views your Famecast-powered Creator Portal has gotten in the last 30 days. This will update in near real-time as your fans visit your Portal.


View Your Portal

View Your Portal takes you to your portal as seen by your fans. Your portal is the core of the Famecast FAME Platform and is your central hub for your fans to visit and stay updated with your latest news and updates, join and interact with your fan club community, access and enjoy your content and events, and buy your products and merchandise.



Post is where you can post content to your Portal. Posts show up on your Portal and can also be shared automatically to your social accounts. You can post text, images or videos and keep your fans up to date with your latest news and updates.


View Your Events Calendar

View Your Events Calendar takes you to your Event Calendar where you can Create new events/tickets or Edit existing events/tickets. You can create events such as an event meeting room (similar to Zoom), a livestream event or an event meeting room which is also livestreamed. You can then monetize these events with paid tickets, memberships and/or subscriptions.


Manage Your News Feeds

News Feeds are news content feeds of fields of interest and/or news sources. Manage Your News Feeds allows you to create news content feeds. News Feeds allows you to keep up to date with the latest news and content from your favorite sources. You can easily share content from your News Feed to your Social Accounts or create a Post from your News Feed.


Manage Your Social Accounts

Famecast allows you to manage all your social accounts in your Famecast Creator Dashboard making your social life much easier to manage. To do so, click here to connect to your various social accounts. By connecting your social accounts, you not only can manage your social accounts from Famecast, you can also auto promote your fan club community, content, events and merchandise automatically, saving you lot’s of time and leveraging the full power of the Famecast FAME Platform.



Now that you have signed up for Famecast, you’ll want to create your own custom branded Portal. Your Portal is a full website that aggregates your online and social presence into an easy place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with your latest news and updates. Your Portal also has your own complete Fan Club Community. Think of it as “your own Facebook” where your fans can come together and interact with you and each other. Just like Facebook, it has Member Profiles, Activity Feeds, Groups, Messaging, Forums (Message Boards) and much more. It also comes with its own Membership Subscriptions where your members can pay for access to different features of your site, get access to your exclusive content and events, and get discounts for your merchandise and event tickets.


First, you will select your portal’s subdomain name. This is the subdomain website URL that users will enter in their browser to access your Famecast-powered Portal. Make sure that it is unique to you. So if you use myportal as your subdomain name, your URL that your fans will be able to access your Portal is You’ll also be able to use your own custom domain name in our next release.

CreatePortal 1



Now, you’ll be able to choose your Portal’s logo. This logo will appear as your logo on the Portal and will be imprinted on all your default standard merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.) in your Portal’s E-Commerce Shop. A default option is generated for you which you can select via Use Default Logo or you can customize your logo by selecting Create / Upload Logo and hen click Continue. The Default Logo will be a stylized font version of your subdomain name. We recommend, however, that you upload a graphical logo as this will make your Portal and your Merchandise look a lot better.

CreatePortal 2

You are now presented with the options Create or Upload Logo or Upload Logo. Create or Upload Logo gives you the 6 font stylized options of your subdomain name. Upload Logo allows you to upload your own graphical logo. We recommend that its best to upload your own logo as this will make the Merchandise look much better. If uploading a logo, you should use a transparent PNG graphic with at least 1000 x 1000 resolution if possible (a transparent PNG file shows your image only and is transparent where there is no image).

CreatePortal 2 UploadLogo

Once you’ve selected or uploaded your desired logo click on Continue.



Next is your Headline and Hero Image. The Hero Image is the main image that will appear on the home page of your Portal and the Headline is a tagline or phrase that will appear on top of your Hero Image on the home page of your Portal.

CreatePortal 3

Enter the your desired headline in the Headline to be displayed text field.

Then click the “+” to upload a picture or image for your Portal’s hero image. The Hero Image needs to be at least 1920 x 1080 in resolution.

Once you’ve selected the desired hero image and headline click on Continue.



The next screen is Your Profile. Here you will enter your legal contact information. It is important that you enter this correctly as this legal contact information will be used to pay you. If you do not enter this correctly, you will not get paid and we definitely want to pay you!

CreatePortal 4


This data will never be shared or displayed in your portal. Once all the required fields are filled in click on “Continue”.



Congratulations! Your portal will be created shortly. It takes about 10-15 minutes for your Portal to create. A notification will be sent to you to inform you when your portal is ready.

Once completed, to visit your Portal, select “View Your Portal” on your Dashboard page.



We’ve put together some great Tutorials to get you started on using Famecast to monetize your passion. Click the links below to access the Tutorials

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